What We Do

We offer a broad range of services to assist with anything from independent comic and book projects, up through fully designed and print ready art books created to showcase your game, animation, or illustration project. We can provide:

Cover design

We will create a cover design for you that presents your work as an appealing package.

Logo design

Let us create a custom logo for your comic, novel, or any other project. We will work with you to create a design that works harmoniously with your artwork.


We can lay out the type for your prose novel in a visually pleasing way that ensures readability.

Comic book layout

Whether it’s an independently printed mini comic or a full length graphic novel, we can format and lay out your comic pages, and provide you with files ready for the printer.


We will check colors, ink density, and make any needed adjustments to all images in your book to make sure that all of your colors print as accurately as possible.

Art book design and production

As fans of games, animation, and illustration, we are passionate about showcasing the often unseen artwork that goes into so many projects. We will work with you to develop a beautiful book that showcases this work, providing design, layout, and prepress services.


Need advice on special printing options, your logo design, or any other creative feedback? We can work with you via email or skype to provide guidance.

Every project is unique, so please feel free to send us an email, and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and what we can do to help!